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ITEK online prep was developed with a mission to provide an affordable,easy and complete entry test preparation for the persons preparing different enterence exams.

At ITEK we are deeply passionate about teaching and excelling licensing exams.During our student days we always had a difficult time in getting access to good quality MCQs database that was error free and we realized that there was a significant gap between what was taught and what was tested .After critically analysing the Enterence exams of different universities ,we have founded ITEK online prep which will revolutionize the preparation of Entry Tests in world InshaaAllah.

After unit wise,topic wise,half book ,full book tests we have also added Mock tests for different exams that will help students know how far they are away from their goals.

In addition to cram the facts and master the basic concepts,a student must know different skills of entry tests.ITEK online prep specially focuses on all these basic needs.

ITEK online prep Q bank has been created by highly experienced professionals who have themselves passed different competitive exams.That wealth of first hand experience has been translated into this product to help you prepare more effectively.

ITEK online prep will surely help students in getting an edge over the others.

Dr. Asif Qamar Rana

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